NYC Comic Con

New York City Comic Con was a fascinating and incredible experience. It was my sister’s first time to go to a comic-related convention, and it was certainly eye-opening.

NYC Comic Con 2016
Baltimore & Jennifer at NYC Comic Con 2016.

There were cosplayers. (Harley Quinn was especially popular this year.)

There were booths.

There were thousands of people crowded into the Jacob Javits Center for the four-day convention.

It was overwhelming but interesting. We met with several indie authors. We talked up Children of the Solstice but also to found out about their writing processes and their books. Good indie authors that we are, we even purchased a few of the books. Since we plan to exhibit at conventions, attending the Comic Con was great to be able to figure out what might work best for us.

Jennifer, Alex Sanchez, and Baltimore at NYC Comic Con.
Jennifer and Baltimore flank Alex Sanchez, the artist responsible for the cover image and the character sketches, during NYC Comic Con 2016.

One of the highlights of the Comic Con was meeting up with the artist who created the cover art and character sketches, Alex Sanchez. He was gracious and signed the posters we had made of the cover. If you haven’t checked out his work before, you can do that here:

If you haven’t had the chance to go to a Comic Convention, I urge you to check out a local con near you. You might get to meet a creator you’ve admired, or see Wonder Woman or Thor or Pikachu! It’s also a great way to meet indie authors and artists – you can even get a special commission of your favorite character, like I did!