Awakening is the origin story for our Children of the Solstice universe and the SENTINELS team.

Disasters ring the planet as the earth cries out for heroes to save it. At the same time, an ancient order conspires to fulfill a centuries-old prophecy. Their plan: unleash a deadly tsunami that would destroy North American and European coastlines. Then, at the height of summer, a blinding white light races across the globe, granting a select few incredible gifts. An enigmatic ex-Green Beret trains these powerful misfits in a desperate bid to stop the man-made and natural catastrophes. But can these Children of the Solstice work well enough together and master their new powers in time to halt the prophecy and save humanity from cataclysmic devastation?


What readers are saying

Vivid imagery, fun characters, and a whirl around the world adventure!

This book is unique and fun, with an exciting pace that keeps you turning pages and intelligent writing, characters, and plot. Looking forward to seeing what happens in book 2!

Read Book 1 and get in line for Book 2

I have to begin by saying I don’t like super-hero stories and have never been drawn to science fiction; so I find myself wondering why I am so anxiously anticipating Book 2 of this trilogy.

Despite my reservations and predisposition NOT to enjoy this type of literature, I found myself drawn into the story from the first chapter. As the team of superheroes solidified and the dark forces against which they were fighting began to take shape, I found myself moving from one chapter to the next, wanting to know where the Children were going, what they would encounter, and how they would learn to leverage their separate powers to overcome a formidable foe.

The end of Book 1 left me wishing Book 2 were immediately available.

I’ve had to wait for the next volume, but I can assure you I’ll be in line to buy it.

The Everyday Superhero

This is a wonderful book. Trying not to give away any plot, I enjoyed reading about the events that occurred and the character development that occurred thereafter. I love that this has the potential to be a series because I’m eager to find out more about the events and characters. Sorry to be so ambiguous but you really have to read it. If you like sci-fi and the “everyday” superhero, this book is for you.

Fabulous teaching tool!

A must for every junior high and high school English teacher! This book has it all- conflict, setting, characterization, plot, point of view, mentor sentences! The teaching opportunities this book offers are endless. Highly recommend it. Now, when is book 2 coming out??

Love books with superhuman powers, good vs evil?

Then you owe it to yourself to read the first book of this trilogy. Good mix of characters, both and female with some unusual powers. I enjoyed the book and am

Looking forward to the release of the next book!!