Welcome to Pair Tree Ink, a home for writers who are interested in publishing their work.

We are siblings and collaborators.

Launch at the Warehouse.
First book launch, in our hometown of Corsicana, Texas, in October 2016.

We are obsessed with books.

We read books.

We write books.

One of us edits books.

We publish books.

We help others write books.

We hatched the idea for our first fiction book in 2006, the day after we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Baltimore and Jennifer celebrate their accomplishment at Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006.
Baltimore and Jennifer celebrate their accomplishment at Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006.

But we didn’t get it off the ground until just before National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2014, and it published in October 2016. That’s a whole decade from inception to print.

We don’t want your book to languish in purgatory as ours did for so long. Our purpose is to help writers with processes and procedures so that they can finally go from story idea to published author. Along the way, we will talk frankly about what we’ve done well, what we’ve learned, and how we juggle co-writing fiction, marketing our work, keeping our day jobs, and maintaining lives away from our laptops.

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Baltimore just before one of our launch events.

Baltimore Russell is a writer, actor, and producer. He and his husband created the People You Know new media series, which aired on HereTV and Amazon Prime. He’s an avid reader and collector of comics. Almost from the time he learned to work a pencil, he could be found creating his own stories. He lives in New York City with his husband, John Dylan DeLaTorre. He is the co-author of Awakening and Collision.

What a rush it was to see our names on the front cover of our book the day the proof copies arrived!

Native Texan Jennifer Pallanich is a developmental editor specializing in non-fiction and a freelance writer specializing in the oil and gas industry. She is a recovering trade journalist who bylined over half a million words about the oil and gas industry. She is the author of Flacks & Hacks: Trade Secrets Journalists Want PR Pros to Know and the co-author of Awakening and Collision. She loves to read good versus evil stories. An avid scuba diver, traveler, reader, and writer, she lives with a lab mix named Houdini in Houston and spends what spare time she has volunteering at a local no-kill animal shelter.

PairTreeInk-Color-HiRes Smallify

Together, we created Pair Tree Ink as our publishing imprint to make it easier for us to share our books, and to help others spread their work with the world. Why Pair Tree Ink? So glad you asked. For inspiration, we drew from the super-prolific pear tree in the backyard of our childhood home. Of course, we had to have some fun with it, so the two of us became a pair, and the inc. you might expect for a company morphed into the more publishing-appropriate ink.

Happy writing!

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